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What's New Page:  For new wins with the dogs, new titles, etc.   

Page last updated 07-22-08

Simba takes champion class under UKC Judge David Kittredge, making him our newest Grand Champion 

 UWP GR CH Be R's "CH" Simba

Brother and Sister kick ass on two seperate sides of the states.

Simba in Washington takes UKC reserve BIMBS & his sister Lou Lou in Louisiana at ADBA show takes best of opposite!! And placed 1st in a class of 15 dogs.



Simba takes 3 champion wins, two breed wins and one best in multi breed show.

Tweetie takes reserve champion behind Simba




CH UWP BE R'S "CH" Simba earns his UWP and well on his way to UWPCH in UKC.




Be R's Tweetie Bird wins Best of Winners at the November 2007 UKC Cascade show Under Judge Pamela Perdue.  Tweetie is now a UKC Champion.



CH Be R's Simba wins Merit of Honor at the UKC National APBT show on National Day under Dan Crutchfield.  Only three males were considered out of the champion class: Simba, Simba's Sire Brody and J.D., they all carry the LarSan line in their blood.

 Terra is now a Grand Champion Patterdale, and she also took a best in breed win at the October Longview UKC show under Dennis Blinkenstaff.

CH. Be R's Grass Hopper gets her competition legs in Terrier Racing for both Steeple and Flat the weekend of 08-05-07, Lynden WA. and also takes 3 champion wins and making her a new Grand Champion under Judges Roger Bennett, Jeanne Heger, and Al Orwin.

Be R's Black Cherry Jello Shot gets 3 best females the weekend show of 08-05-07, Lynden, WA. She also Terrier raced and earned some more points towards her title under Judges Jeanne Heger, Al Orwin and Debbi Orwin.

Be R's Speedy gets 1 best female the weekend show of 08-05-07 Lynden, WA under Judge Roger Bennett.

Be R' TarBaby takes champion win under Judge Debbi Orwin.

UFR GR CH Be R's Mason's Excavator wins BEST IN MULTI BREED SHOW under Judge Jeanne Heger .  What an awesome Judge.  Not only does she understand the Patterdale and know how to Judge them she also understands the correct way to span them, ON THE GROUND.  However since someone complained about it she started spanning from the table.  Hopefully I will have pictures soon.

Poor quality??  Kiss my ass!!! 

Vator also competed in Terrier Racing one show and got his points to title in Steeple.


Be R's Tweetie Bird gets two Reserve Best Females in Lynden, WA.

CH Be R's "CH" Simba

UKC Longview show takes Best of Winners under Barbara Marrian

CH Be R's "CH" Simba 

Our 5th dual champion ADBA/UKC


CH. Be R's "CH" Simba   Our 5th dual champion ADBA/UKC

 Pictures above are with UKC Judge James Heinz placing Simba with Best of Winners.  Washington Classic show in July 2007

Next show held by Cascade APBT club July 2007, Barbara Marion places him as Best of Winners also.  This win places Simba as a newly titled UKC Champion.  Pictures from this win comming soon.



UFR GR CH Be R's Mason's Excavator

Vator earns his United Flat Racer title at Valcano View Rat Terrier Club races in Shelton, WA.

Be R's Tweetie Bird

Tweetie takes Best of Opposite under Judge Amy Buford-Greenwood

at the Monroe Evergreen State clubs show July 2007.

Then the next weekend places first in her class under Jerry Brown in the Cascade club UKC show.

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