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email renee@pittrpatter.com 425-432-1216

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For puppy pictures please go to Patterdale puppy page


If you are interested in getting a Patterdale from me in the future you would need to contact me to be placed on a list. 

Deposits are $100.00 non-refundable. 

Shipping costs & info is listed at the bottom of this page.

For snail mail deposits

Renee Teichmer

PO Box 60193

Renton, WA 98058

Important Notice

All picks noted are after breeders choice pup. Once pups are 8 weeks old, payment in full is required and must be picked up unless being shipped by me.  At  8 weeks of age, if you have not paid in full, you loose your deposit and the pup is for sale again.  If you have paid in full and by the 8 weeks of age and have not picked your pup up or when told your pup is ready to be picked up, a $10.00 per day boarding fee will be charged.  When pup is 12 weeks old and you still have not picked your pup up, the pup will be up for sale again and only money above the minumum deposit and the boarding fee will be returned.  Communication is the key.

Shipping info for patterdale puppies only, adults slightly higher on crate and shipping, health cert. the same.

USA Health Certificate and crate = $100.00

USA Shipping average cost = $235.00

USA Shipping using Alaska Airlines (nonstop flights) = AVERAGE COST = $235.00 Selected areas only.  Effective February 2007 Alaska airlines significantly increased their prices.  So much so, that I doubt I will be using them much more.

Alaska Airlines ships to the following locations in the US. http://www.alaskaair.com/www2/cargo/CargoCityInfo.asp

 Chicago, IL, Boston, MA, Newark, NJ, Orlando, FL, Miami, FL, Dallas/FortWorth, TX, Washington DC, Denver, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Tucson, AZ and most major airports of the Pacific NW of the US.

Shipping International Overseas:     This is very expensive these days.  I will ship overseas, but it is not cheap.

Depending on the destination the Average cost to ship a patterdale puppy overseas can be  $800.00  just for shipping alone, not including the crate, ID microchip, vaccinations, Two or more vet health certificates one for US airlines and one for every country the dog's plane stops at & then USDA stamp and USDA Vet signatures on the Certificates also .  There is more involved now than what it was 7 years ago when I last shipped overseas.  It is very time comsuming on my end.  Most have mandatory ID Chipping with a specific type of chip which makes it where I have to go to a different Vet than my own, farther away from me.  It also requires USDA stamp and signatures now.  Where I either have to express mail USDA office in my state Capital with return express mail or actually drive there. They charge for their service also, per certificate they have to stamp or sign. Then you deal with stupid airlines that quote you incorrect prices and you find out the cost for the flight is more than what you were quoted when you booked the flight when you get there with the puppy to actually ship the puppy.  Which in turn can increase your other costs by having to do them again if you choose to not ship the puppy waiting for the purchaser to send more money for shipping.  What a pain in the ASS!!!  So don't complain to the breeder about the costs possibly changing. Sometimes you don't know actual costs until you have done the service. Be Patient with the breeder also as they are spending lots of their quality time and stress level trying to get this pup to you.  Believe me the breeder is fully aware that your economy is not as good as the US, and this is A LOT of money to you.  It is also a lot of money to me too!  Believe me, it is not going in my pocket.  Please realize my time and gas driving around is not free for me.


Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!









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