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Be R  American pit bull terriers & Patterdale terriers

page updated:  August 2nd, 2007

owning the APBT since 1985 RENEE@PITTRPATTER.COM   425-432-1216

Dogs bred by us page 4

Below is Vader in Washington owned by Todd

Darth Vader (patterdale) owned by Todd in Washington

Vader is a Vator X Baby pup. 

Here he is learning tunnels at an early age and liking them.

He loves it even when I am not playing he will grab a stuffed animal and drag it through it.


Below is Be R's Grass Hopper

owned by Be R APBT's & Patterdale Terriers

a Vator X Baby pup


Below is a Vator X Baby pup also named Vader lives in Oregon with Chris & Shannon

Vader II

owned by Chris & Shannon in Oregon


Below is Lou Lou (Be R's Gunna Be Victorious)

 Owned by Greg in Virginia

two pics below taken July 2007, Rest in peace my little Lou Lou.

pics below taken February 2006 

Lou Lou & Luna (sisters) both Monkey X Brody daughters


Be R's Bella Luna  , February 2006



Below  is  Be R's Mojo Magic  February 2006



Be R's Bruno  2006

Razin' X Fudge son

Owned by Amanda Smith, Louisana



March, 2006

owned by Emilie in Michigan


Grass Hopper & Grizzly Bear taken 03-30-06




owned by Gretchen in  Washington


            I just wanted to send you a recent picture of Kai.  We absolutely love him!  He has brought a great amount of joy for Jared and I and I couldnÂ’t be more thrilled with our choice of dog and breeder!!


Thank you



Below is a patterdale puppy out of Vator and Cuda (Ms. Nuttall) named Otie

Here is an update pic. or two for you of our little Otie! Man is he a neat little dog! Just love him to death! Otie is coming in to his own! He is a very sweet little guy with lots of fight in him and a hell of a bite!

Isn't he pretty and he's still pretty small! Around 15 lb.




 He would really love to get a hold of one of these chickens! If you ever can't find Otie this is where he'll be!

Hi Renee,

The pup get here right on time and in good sprits! He is the sweetest little guy and we have already fallen in love with him! I think we are going name him Outlaw and call him Otie!  Here is a pic. of him with our Bitty! Thank you for everything!
He fits right in!
We are very happy with Otie! I will add a pic. or two for you! If you get pic.s of his belly sisters or belly brothers I would love to see how they grow as well! Thanks again Renee!!


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