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Be R  American Pit Bull Terriers & Patterdale Terriers

page updated:  July 28th, 2007

owning the APBT since 1985 renee@pittrpatter.com   425-432-1216

Dogs bred by us page 1

NutMeg owned by Connie in Idaho

Be R's Skeeter

Be R's Berry in Czeck Republic



Be R's Baby She's Got It

Baby receives a best female win in UKC her first time out on 03-27-05 under Judge Tina Camp

Rest in Peace Baby.  Baby died in a forest fire in Italy


Be R's "CH" Hulk Hogan

Takes BEST OF SHOW at Alberta BC, ADBA show Judged by Hank Greenwood

Hogan is an champion & ACE weightpull titled dog 

owned and loved by Shiv                Canada

A Crickett & Gizmo son

Be R's "CH" Hulk Hogan

Crickett & Gizmo son pulling his first year in Maple Ridge BC, ADBA show

owned by Shiv                Canada



Be R's Bella Luna

Best conditioned dog at ADBA funshow, Monroe, WA 05-07-05





Be R's Tweetie Bird

owner Be R APBT's                             Washington

Be R's Tweetie Bird

Picture by Barb Nash

owned by Be R APBT's          Washington




Be R's Tazman  

 owned by Tracy Solomon in Utah


Be R's Mojo Magic

Mojo takes  Best Puppy of Show, Maple Ridge Canada at ADBA show under Judge Harry George June 2005





CH. UWP. Be R's Snicker Doodle of Teezy

Peanut and Chance Daughter


UWP Be R's "ACE" Gizmo

Sheba and Romeo (Newman & Hunters Swamp Gator) son

Owned by Ace and Barb in Idaho


Be R's Jazy Taffy

Sheba and Turbo daughter (Yoda's sister)

owned by Rob and Mary Mier       Washington



Sheba and Sheldon daughter

owned by Val      Oregon


CH. Be R's Hoover the Clean up Crew

Chissel and Baby Chance son

owned by Nick Ritchie    California



Be R's Bravo

lives in ILLinios


Be R's Hahns Solo

Crunch and Yoda son, rest in Peace boy.


Be R's Atila

Cricket and Gizmo son

owned by Francis Aque          Washington



Be R's Romeo

Cricket and Gizmo son

owned by Ryan Davis        North Carolina



CH. UWP Be R's "ACE" Yoda Matheforsbwitu DNA-VIP

Sheba and Turbo daughter

Rest in Peace my Yoda, I miss you


GR. CH. UWP Be R's Chocolate Smores DNA-VIP AKA Monkey

Picture above is Best of Winners under Judge Walt Pasko UKC

Peanut and Chance daughter (Our first Grand Champion)

owned by Be R APBT's

GR. CH. UWP Be R's Chocolate Smores AKA Monkey

Picture above photo by Kim Allison of Roki Reds

Chance and Peanut daughter  owned by Be R APBT's


Be R's Nestle Crunch

Peanut and Chance daughter    

owned by Myka         Washington


Be R's Coco Pebbles (Costa Rica)

Peanut and Chance daughter

owned by Mike Lazinski                 Oregon


 CH. Be R's Razin' Cain

Peanut and Chance son (only 1 legs from Grand Championship in UKC)

In Canada


CH. Be R's Razin' Cain

Picture above photo by Kim Allison of Roki Reds

Peanut and Chance son In Canada




Be R's "CH."  SIMBA

Owned by Be R APBT's

CH. Peanut Butter Crunch DNA-VIP (photo by Valerie Piltz)

Crunch and Yoda daughter

Owned by Be R APBT's



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