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Be R  American pit bull terriers & Patterdale terriers

page updated:  August 26th, 2006

owning the APBT since 1985 RENEE@PITTRPATTER.COM   425-432-1216

Dogs bred by us page 3




Sheba and Sheldon daughter

Owned by Val     Oregon


The Nash Gang

Be R's Red Cochise (front left) Jesse and Jewel son

Be R's Clover (back left) Sheba and Sheldon daughter

Be R's Classy Cassie (puppy in middle) Yoda and Crunch daughter

UWP Be R's "ACE" Gizmo (front right) Sheba and Romeo son. Rest in Peach Gizmo

owned by Ace and Barb Nash     Idaho


Cystal and Ginger

Be R's Ginger Snap (pup in front) owned by Marie Gawad   Washington

Be R's Crystal Frost (pup in back) owned by Pam Gawad & Steve Le    California

both are Cricket and Gizmo Daughters



Be R's Tazman

Monkey and Brody son

Owner Tracy Solomon     Utah


Turtle Buster


Be R's Turtle Buster

Peanut and Brody daughter

owned by Ace and Barb Nash       Idaho



Be R's Simba and Me (Renee) in Nevada at a UKC show & him at a ADBA show 2005

Monkey and Brody son

Owned by Be R APBT's


Lexi   Rest in Peace girl

Be R's Lexi

Brody & Monkey daughter owned by Eli Herbaugh    Florida


Grandma and grand children

Grandma Sheba with two pups out of Cricket and Gizmo

Be R's Romeo on the left, Be R's Fudge It on the right


Ash and Boxer named Bean

Crunch & Cricket pup named Ash with her freind a Boxer named Bean,  April 2005.

Owned by Adam Ori                        New Hampshire.

Hi Renee!

Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, I've been very busy.  The puppy is doing great!  She just went to the vet yesterday for her lime-pro booster, and she already weighs 16 pounds.  Our vet just loves her.  Our Boxer Bean wasn't too interested in her to begin with, but now that she's a little larger they're getting along famously.  They play for hours and hours.  As both the dogs sleep with us in bed we're getting a little crowded, so we'll probably have to upgrade to a king size bed.  We named her Ash, and she is very intelligent.  She had only two accidents in the house, but was potty trained in a week.  We've been feeding her vitamins, as well as the Eukanuba puppy food that you recomended.  We have taken some pictures but have yet to get them developed.  I will e-mail them to you when we do.  We just wanted to thank you again, she's an even better puppy than we had imagined possible.  I did have one question for you!  How much is she going to weigh when she is fully grown?
Thanks again!





Crunch and Cricket son

owned by Johnny                 Alabama

June 2005

Hi I hope you will enjoy to know that gottie is doing great! He is the most well behaved dog ever. He's great with other puppies and loves people, Johnny loves gottie more then anything he would never give him up now. I helped him out at first he had never owned a dog but now he is top notch with every thing. Thanks for giving him a talking to when he called you. Well have a great day and we well send you pictures of him thoughout his life with us.

Amber & Johnny





Crunch and Cricket female pup picture from June 2005

owned by Brooke               Oregon





Christmas 2005


Cricket and Crunch son

Owned by Matt and Sara Thompson      in South Carolina

Hello Renee,

I just thought I'd e mail you with 2 pictures of Oliver and let you know how
wonderful he is! 
Every where we go with Oliver we always get compliments on him.  Dog lovers
say hes the most handsome dog that they have seen and pit bull lovers say
its the best pit that they have seen!  Oh well thanks again for Oliver
Thanks again!





Crunch & Cricket son

owned by Haley in  Georgia


Hey Renee!
This is Haley from Augusta, GA. I just wanted to give you an update on a puppy I purchased from you back in March. He was a light chocolate male (pup #6)  from Crunch and Cricket's last litter. We've named him "Be R's Bailey's Irish Cream" aka "Bailey". The name kind of fit his color. He is the best dog. It's clear to see you did a wonderful job with your breeding. I couldn't ask for a better temperment. He's a big goof ball. Trust me, he doesn't realize he's a 'big puppy'. He's convinced he's a lap dog. I'm hoping to get him involved in Weight pull when he's old enough. Thanks again! I included some pictures. One picture includes his 'best bud' my female APBT "Jersey".



BINKS formaly known as FOOTS

Crunch and Cricket son

co-owned with Lisa in BC, Canada

The little fellow is now being called Binks...yes after Jar Jar!!!
Any way we found a group of people and there dogs that get together every
night for socializing and both dogs are doing very good...I have started to
stack them and have people go over them...both dogs picking up everything
very quickly...we are so happy with them...they sleep the night now and get
along well with my other dogs...
Thank you
Lisa and Family.

REVEN  formaly known as Roxi

a Hennessey and Sheldon daughter

co-owned with Lisa     BC, Canada


Cuda, bred by Outlaw Kennels



Be R's Baracuda

owned by Chad and Lindsay         Alberta, Canada

As promised here are a few pictures from the trip home.  She did so well, she took to us immediately!!!  We stopped at a rest stop about half way home to let her stretch and she played with the rope with Chad for a good half hour.  Once back in the truck and on the road she slept most of the way home.  And again once we got home we played in the yard with the ball and rope for about an hour and a half.  She is so well behaved.  Making out well with the cats as well.  She is somewhat submissive to them.  We are so happy with her what a gorgeous creature!!  Thanks so much to the both of you for all of your help with this, we couldn't have asked for a better dog!!  We will keep in touch.  Thanks again, Lindsay and Chad.
Just thought you might enjoy an updated picture of the family!!  As you can see she is a pretty proud dog.  She has fit in with us really well.  This was taken late summer by Chad's dad.  She sure has gotten darker since we got her don't you think Renee??  Thanks again for a great dog!!
So we have come up with a couple of games Cuda loves to play.  While wrapping Christmas gifts we found out that she goes crazy when you blow down the wrapping paper tube, this keeps her amused for hours on end.  Hence the pictures of her panting like crazy.  She has also found her self very handy with the dish rag.  Just thought you guys might enjoy a few new pictures of her.  She should be fun come Christmas time.  Any way hope to hear from you soon. Lindsay and Chad
Thanks Renee, we got the papers no problem.  They came shortly after your email. We are still looking on your web-site and would like to say thanks for putting all of the red nose history etc on your site.  It's great to have that kind of information available to people.  Keep up the good work!  Lindsay

Be R's Mickey Mouse

owned by Fred,     Abbottsford BC



Be R's Leading Man (Bravo)

Owned by Lynn     in Indiana

Hello , i really like my new man! My dad is a little jealous that bravo likes me a little more lol. He has been sleeping with me 2 he is a great dog and i beleive i will have many good years with him! He is really good with my kids also! here is a pic of me and him. Thanks Jennifer!



Tank & Sugar

Tank is a Fudge and Razin son & Sugar is a Yoda & Crunch Daughter  owned by Jen in Florida

Hey Renee-
Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!  Just wanted to give you an update on "Tank" (we call him that because he just barrels over Sugar and the cat)!  He is doing very well.  He sleeps through the night and eats like there is no tomorrow!  We all love him.  Today was his first visit to our local dog park, and he had a ball!  I will send you some pictures when I get them back (he is quite a ham)!
Thank you for providing such great pets!  I would never get a dog from anyone else!
Jen Watson
Hope all is well.  I finally got around to loading some pictures on the computer, and I thought you might like to see them.  Tank and Sugar get along great!  They are the most spoiled dogs ever!  I had a food dish hand-painted with Tank's name on it, and he has a camouflage collar with rhinestones.  He also sleeps with a blanket night!  Sugar has her own fluffy bed and a collar with heart on it.  They each have their own purple chair to sleep on. They are our children! Thanks for such great dogs!
Jen Watson
owned by Mandy        Washington
Hi again Renee,
Wendigo just ate, got a bath and is currently snoozing in my lap. She seems to have a wonderful temperament. I look forward to showing her. Hopefully she can be my 1st UKC super dog. I have done plenty of conformation, obedience and agility - but never weight-pull. Perhaps you could put me in the right direction with that. Anyhow, here are a few pics of Wendigo. What beautiful eyes she has BTW! Thank you SSSSOOOO MUCH Renee! Take care!
 After her bath cuddling up on my lap...
Right before her bath. You should see how she looks at my Pomeranian Aurora. Aurora is a VERY drivey dog, she "kills" her toys violoently, LMAO. Wendi thinks, "Dear god mom, what the hell is THAT?!". She met the cat we have and didn't think to much of such a strange creature...just sniffed nicely and was on her way.
This is what I love so much about the red dogs....those gorgeous green eyes!
Hi Renee,
Thought I would send you a few new pictures of Wendi... 
Do I like her? I absolutely LOVE her! She is very good at night and is learning her household manners very well. She is nice and quiet at night and leash trained in a day.
Do I like her? I absolutely LOVE her! She is very good at night and is learning her household manners very well. She is nice and quiet at night and leash trained in a day.


Be R's Bust'n A Move "aka Buster"

Be R's Bust'n A Move    Aka Buster

owned by Jerry Adams    Washington

 Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how my little buddy is doing.  Two weeks and he is doing great.  He is a very intelligent puppy.  He is pretty much housebroken, only a total of two mishaps (thank goodness it was #2 and solid) lol.  I decided to name him Buster.  Registered name will be "Busta Move"   He is catching on very quickly on Sit, Come and Stay.  I still believe he is a little bit hard hearing so I am teaching him with voice and hand signals.  He really loves me too and I have to be really careful as to not spoil him too much because he gets really worried when he doesn't see me.  I take him everywhere, I mean everywhere I go.   I got kicked out of Walmart last week hehe.  I take him so he gets used to lots of different people petting him.  Anyway I'll attach a picture of him.   Thank you for letting me purchase such a wonderful companion, it couldn't have come at any better time in my life.
 How's it been going.  Been along time since I've sent you updated pics of Buster.  He is absolutely wonderful.    Just waiting on my house to close so I can move.  Enjoy the pics of my gorgeous boy.  Oh he has a new nickname "BO GOOFUS"
Jerry Adams
Don't wonder what might have been only what could be.


email click here berapbts@aol.com


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